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Instructor Profile


Ryo Nagashima


・PHI Pilates Instructor (Reformer I)
・Physical Therapist (Japan)
・Fascial Manipulation Level I


After obtaining a license as a physical therapist, I worked as a manager at Aoyama Myofascial Seitai RIGAKU BODY, an out-of-insurance service. I mainly handled clients suffering from pain in the orthopedic field.

Driven by the belief that ‘movement is medicine,’ I encountered PHI Pilates as I learned to provide suitable exercise therapy for each client. Incorporating evidence-based PHI Pilates into rehabilitation, I witnessed clients enjoying improvements in their physical condition and symptoms, which fascinated me with Pilates.

Utilizing my knowledge as a physical therapist, I aimed to share the benefits of Pilates with many people. After undergoing training at luluto, I started working as an instructor. ‘Let’s create the best version of ourselves through Pilates! I will sincerely support each individual, accompanying them on their journey.’




  • Yoga Instructor
  • Pilates Mat Instructor
  • Pilates Reformer Instructor


Starting from liking work out and getting many benefits and caring more about myself, such as healthy eating pattern, maintaining my sleep pattern, finally I took the first yoga class which also studied the anatomy & posture of the body and gained new experiences and knowledge that can make the body more flexible, a more relaxed mind, controlled emotions, increased patience, focus & concentration, good breathing.


I took another certificate and became a yoga instructor who was ready to accept all types of yoga knowledge in 2015, after that I tried to get to know the Pilates mat and reformer and then I got extraordinary benefits by learning x-leg posture, grounded body, and bent shoulders, It turns out that it doesn’t take a matter of years to change this posture, as long as we continue to be consistent and make it a good habit, it doesn’t take a long time to achieve a better posture.


Let’s change bad habits for the better by maintaining body posture in a centered and back to nature way.’




  • Luluto certified pilates instruktur
  • Basic pilates
  • Certified Rehab Express
  • Movement Effecincy training
  • Suspenssion Training Coach
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Goifex Attendant


Growing up with gymnastic experience and training made me want to learn more about various types of exercise, which is why Pilates made me fall in love with it. Pilates made me realize that exercise is not just about losing weight or gaining weight.
Therefore, Pilates involves complete coordination between body, mind, and soul. Therefore, I took steps to become a Pilates instructor at Luluto Studio, ready to help you achieve health, strength, and energy.




  • Luluto certified pilates instruktur


With a lifelong passion for exercise and wellness, Via has spent the past 16 years engaging in various forms of physical activity, discovering the profound benefits of exercise in managing stress and depression. Recently certified in Reformer Pilates, Via has chosen this discipline for its low-risk, high-benefit approach to improving flexibility and overall fitness. 

She is dedicated to supporting others in becoming the best versions of themselves through personalized and mindful Pilates instruction.

Believing that exercise is a powerful tool for both physical and mental well-being, Via is passionate about helping others lead healthier, more balanced lives. She is committed to creating a supportive environment where clients feel empowered to pursue their health and fitness goals safely and effectively.




  • Luluto certified pilates instruktur


I am a woman who is passionate about physical activities. Since childhood, I have enjoyed dancing and choreography. This hobby eventually led me to delve into pilates and yoga.

I enjoy teaching because the main satisfaction I derive is not monetary, but rather from being able to help women become more confident with a healthier, fitter physique and an ideal posture. It’s a source of pride for me to assist fellow women.

I teach physical activities with a primary focus on body posture, using methods tailored to the abilities and interests of my students. Since fitness levels, health conditions, and postures vary among individuals and often require specific treatments, good posture helps women become healthier, more confident, and supports optimal muscle function, ultimately helping them achieve a more ideal body shape.