Special Price for a Trial Session
Special Price for a Trial Session

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • Hunchback
  • Swayback
  • Flatback
  • XO-Legs

At luluto, our highly knowledgeable physiotherapy-based pilates
instructors with a strong grasp of clinical health science will provide
expert supervision and guidance during your sessions.

3 factors that make our studio the ideal choice for you

  • Rest assured, our professional physiotherapy-based pilates instructors oversees the studio, ensuring your peace of mind.

    Under their watchful guidance, you will be closely monitored for conditions such as

    ・Stiff Shoulders
    ・Back Pain
    ・Knee Pain

    and we have full confidence in our ability to deliver highly effective guidance on pilates exercises, supported by our extensive medical knowledge and experience, which we believe surpasses that of other studios

  • Specializing in one-on-one machine pilates

    Only one-on-one lessons can be adapted to each person’s different physical conditions.

    At luluto, we specialize in machine Pilates, tailoring their exercises to your specific needs. We believe that one-on-one classes are 3 times more effective as compared to group classes.

  • Opportunity to engage in invigorating machine-based Pilates sessions

    Machine pilates offers a user-friendly experience, making it effortless for first-timers to correct their posture with ease.

    With our utilization of machine pilates at luluto, we excel in providing effective classes tailored for individuals who do not exercise often or those who encounter discomfort in certain areas of their body.


  • Ryo Nagashima


  • Tina Komalasari


  • Tina Komalasari


  • Tina Komalasari


  • Ryo Nagashima


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